Online Azusa Pacific University Profile and Review

Kellog School of Management Profile and Review

Azusa Pacific is a brick and mortar university based in california and offers masters’ and bachelors degrees & certificates.It is a reputed brand which has affiliations with around 5 churches and organisations.It has been accredited by Western Association of Schools and Colleges.A permanent advisor is assigned to each student to guide him in pursuing his career.

Degrees and Programs at Azusa

Bachelor program is available in Organisational Leardership and requires that they have already started their college education.Masters program is in educational technology and school librarianship in which you can also earn a library media teacher credential.

Admission criteria at azusa university

To apply for the masters program students should have a bachelors degree and GPA of minimum 3.0.They have to give 3 recommendation letters,resume and a personal letter to the dean.Some may also have to clear the CBEST exam. UG students should be at least 25yrs old,have 5yrs experience,GPA 2.0 and transferable credits of 60 units.They also have to give a writing sample and professional reference.

Degree costs at Azusa Pacific university

The cost for each master credit is $495 and $465 for bachelor credit.It offers several tution payment options.It has got facilities for federal loans,etc.

Kellog School of Management Profile and Review

Kellogg School is a very reputed brand known for its ever-changing curriculum and keeps in touch with the latest needs and developments in the business environment.These changes are effected by the feedback of its students itself,so it has a great potential for developing the creativity of the students.Kellogg advocates the following of “learning by doing” so its students have a good field experience and are upto-date.It offers more than 50 online courses.And all its graduates enjoy a post-degree work experience of about 2 years.This school was introduced in the year 1995 and has been progressing ever since then.

Kellogg school degree and programs.

This school mainly offers three programs in MBA,Executive education and Doctoral programs.The MBA programs are of three kinds.One year acclerated MBA program,two year conventional full-time program and a special 3 year master of management and manufacturing program.The course of the MBA program is quite competitive and offers specialisation in many sub-fields like Marketing,Finance,Defence sciences,etc.
The students pursuing executive education read general management(2 years) including subjects like corporate governance,accounting,marketing strategy,ethics & leadership,etc.
If students pursue doctoral programs then there is no need to have a degree or previous work experience but they should be committed to working hard and religiously on their scholarly research.The fields in which students can do research are such as Finance,managerial economic & strategy,marketing,accounting,management & organisation,etc.

Admission criteria in kellogg school

The admission eligibility is very relaxable.This school does not require their students to have a previous experience in studying business and economics.However it is always advisable that students have a basic knowledge in statistics and calculus so that understanding of its material becomes easier.