Ashford and AIU Online university review rating and profile

Ashford and AIU Online university review rating and profile

Ashford university is situated in Iowa and offers associate,bachelor and masters degrees online in an acclerated manner.The duration of each course is around 5-6 weeks and the students may undertake only one program at a time and the transfer students can desire for upto 99 credits on their degrees so that they may complete their graduation in about 1-2 yrs only. Ashford university and school rating is impressive & was established in the year 1918 as mount st. clair college.Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools has given accreditation to Ashford University.

Degrees and Programs at ashford
The associate degree is only available in Associate of Arts in Business online.However its bachelors degrees are available in healthcare administration,social and criminal justice,Business administration,psychology,etc.Masters degree are provided in the fields of organisational management,MBA,Teaching and learning with technology,etc.

Admission requisites at ashford
It is expected that all the students who take admission should have a basic knowledge in the language english.For accquiring the associate degree a minimum of high school diploma or GED is required.The minimum age for applying to the bachelors degree is set to 22yrs.For pursuing the masters degree candiadtes must have a bachelors degree and a overall GPA of minimum 2.0

American InterContinental University Online (AIU Online) Profile & Review

AIU is a brick and mortar institute situated in the USA and has a total of 6 campuses even in abroad.AIU virtual wing is called as American Intercontinental University Online.The sessions are about 5-6 weeks duration.It has facilities for supplemental learning labs and also personal tutorials in difficult subjects.The Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools has accredited AIU.All students get the facility of of career services adviser who helps them in preparing for interviews and getting a job!

Degrees and Programs at AIU Online

AIU conducts courses for associate,bachelor & masters degree in an acclerated manner.You can get your degrees in the fields of Business administration,IT,Marketing,Education,Healthcare,Criminal justice,Visual communication,etc.

Admission criterias to AIU

For the UG courses a High School diploma or equivalent is required.For bachelor degrees an associate degree or equivalent qualifying coursework is required.AIU does not need test scores or GPAs for enrollment. However for applying to the masters degree one must have a bachelor degree with GPA of minimum 2.0
The actual admission occurs after submitting a virtual online form with previous coursework sample and then give an interview over the telephone.

Degree Costs

The fees depend upon the course applied for.On an average the total costs for a associate degree will be around $12,300 and for the bachelors degree will be $32,500.Financial aid from federal source is also available.