Review and profile of Charter OAK college and others

Review and profile of Charter OAK college and others

This university has been accredited by new England Association of schools and colleges & Connecticut Board of Governors for Higher Education.Out of the three big non-traditional colleges Charter oak is one of them having opportunities for flexible degree completion.Charter oak allows its students to get their degrees by transferring previously earned credits,taking exams and classes online,etc.This online college is particularly suited for those who have already earned some experience in college-level coursework.One of the unique things of this university is that it provides additional virtual tutoring help to give personalised aid to students in difficult subjects.

Online degrees and programs offered by Charter Oak institute

Charter Oak offers degrees in around fifty subjects such as literature,computer science,philosophy,etc.All these are general studies degree completion programs for associate or bachelor degrees.Certificate programs are available in subjects like health care,project management,computer security,public safety administration,etc.
Admission to this university is relatively easy.The minimal requirements are above-age 16 yrs and atleast 9 credits from any regionally accepted college.

Charter Oak State College Tution Fees

The costs will depend upon the course choosen.On an average the course fees are around $965(for associate degreess)-$1310(bachelor degree).Students also have to pay additional amount for other needs such as online courses,portfolio assessments,testing,etc.If the student does not complete his degree during first year then the subsequent fees to be paid is around $670 per anum.Discounted costs are available for connecticut residents.If students require then interest-free payments and federal financial aids are also available.

Devry university profile and review

If you are looking for a reputed and old university then devry university is the option for you.It is fully accredited and holds an excellent reputation since its birth in 1931!
It began as a brick and mortar institute and started its online degrees later on.Thus if you decide to take its degrees then you will have the oppurtunity to attend its classes offline in live physical classrooms as well as take them online too.This point separates Devry university from other online universities.And as this university has many physical locations its students have the advantage of getting a job earlier as the proceed through their degree.However the pay rates may be an unimpressive $6.5-$10.0 but still then it is atleast better than other schools which dont at all provide this oppurtunity.

Drawbacks review of Devry university

Most of the students are satisfied with the type of education imparted at Devry.However its study pattern is very foumuliac.It means that the courses are so designed that they cannot be changed/creativity introduced.The study material is very much old fashioned and extensively detailed.Another drawback is that its online degree is given less weightage than the degrees offered at other real brick universities by employers.However the total no. of students who get a job is almost 90% (most of them get a job within 6 months of completion).

Devry University Review Conclusion :

Devry university offers its degrees both online and offline at more than 70 locations.The quality of education imparted is better than other similar institutions and in-school employment has a high ratio.The courses offered are more varied.However still its classes are very much formuliac and there is less space for creativity.Overall it can be said that if you are looking for variety of degree choices or the flexibility to study online/offline then Devry university is the right option for you.