Ross School Profile and Review

Ross School Profile and Review

Ross school is a very reputed school and is counted among the top business schools in whole world.Similar to university of michigan it provides ample space for research in all fields and has the scope for developing creativity in its students.It offers a diversity of subjects and specialises in general management along with some other elective subjects.Its speciality is that it has very good research facilities for all candidates.Also the student career resourses are among the best in US.

Programs and courses offered at Ross school Of Business

Ross School offers courses in BBA,MBA,doctoral and executive education.BBA courses are of duration 2yrs or 3yrs and require transferable credits in Calculus,English and Microeconomics.
For the MBA program the first year is taught 10 elemental subjects and then they require its students to complete a 7-week live project which gives them sufficient practical experience.Then they can take specialisation from among around 100 elective subjects in 12 departments.Doctoral program trains graduates so as to take career as a faculty member in business school.The subjects offered are 8 in number such as IT,Corporatestrategy,marketing,finance,International business,etc. Executive program is a real world approach course that amalgates academics and innovation.There are many programs to be done at the executive education level.

Admission to the ross school

Applications are found at its website.The students may hold their appointments at convinience.These appointments will reveal all required information about the school and its various courses.

Review and rating of American University

American University, based in Washington D. a nationally acclaimed University and considered as one of the best accredited universities in the North-East. It is recognized by the university senate of the United Methodist church. It has been known for its high academic standards and according to the 2008 Princeton review it was granted the thirteenth position. It also envisages international level activities in academic career such as promotion of studies abroad, granting international fellowships, etc

American University has been accredited by the medial States Association of colleges and secondary schools plus various other accrediting councils. The most popular subjects in this University are political science, business administration, international services, public communication.
The tuition fees for full-time course is around thirty three thousand dollars.

Coming to the positive points of this University I’d first like to tell that the class size is consistently made up of a small group of students around twenty five. It also has an good student to faculty ratio. The faculty is quite experienced, well-qualified and in good numbers. This University has a specialised career centre which helps the students and its alumni get a decent job, internships, tips etc.

Now discussing about the negative pointsof this University and the major disadvantage that the students have to face is that the University gives undue emphasis on political affairs and social justice which some may not like.American University is also very selective in admitting new students, so all those who apply for it may not get an admission.
Another minor disadvantage is that freshmen students who reside on campus are prohibited from running cars