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Welcome to the Home Page of the Falmouth Civic Association, Falmouth, PA

Along the beautiful Susquehanna River

Just below Three Mile Island

The Legend of the Goat Race


Once upon a time in a tiny village called Falmouth, there were several old timers sitting around the Village Store discussing life's misfortunes. It seems that John was a little down on his luck at the horse track. Seeing as they all had goats as family pets, prompted Glenn to remark that they might as well bet on goats. Well, that was all it took for Ken, the practical joker of the group, to get an idea! The next day, Ken placed an ad in the local newspaper, advertising a Goat Race in Falmouth and giving his friend Glenn's phone number. Meanwhile, back in the village, life went on as usual. Except, people started calling Glenn's phone number wanting to enter their goats in the race. Which didn't make any sense to poor Glenn's wife, who spent half of the day answering the telephone. But, being a good wife, she took everyone's name and phone number and when Glenn returned home that evening, she gave him the stack of messages (entries). Now as the "good ol' boys" got together that night, they decided the only way to save face was to hold a goat race. And it was such a huge success that they have done it every year from that day up to the present.

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